My dear admirer and collector: you partake of my soul, the artistic process I've have been through and become aware of my sensibilities, feelings, love and passion. These are quite unique to both me and you, because we are drawn to each other by the magnetism of our shared qualities and values, thus we become connected, a reflection of one another, the artist and its viewer…

I am a very intuitive and emotional being, and my art reflects that. I create my work in a single breath, without any pause, so that I do not lose any drop of that inspiration. I am so caught up in the moment of creation that I forget where I am—nothing can distract me from this euphoria. Whatever I am painting, I must be in love with my subject. Lately, I have been attracted to nature even more and truly enjoy spending time painting plein air. I create my impression of the subject that reflect my background, my emotional state at the moment by utilizing new artistic techniques. I choose bold brush strokes of opaque lights to express my energy juxtaposed against transparent cooler shadows, and scraping some translucency into the mysterious darks with the palette knife. Often, I venture into the depths of my inner being and create more abstract pieces, which take their origins, at present, from a challenge in dealing with my teenage daughter, and maneuvering into that territory is hard but simultaneously wondrous. These paintings are raw — full of dark blues, purples and cadmium yellow lights, that sparkle throughout the surface. The compositions seem to be more circular thus my feelings and frustrations appear to be perpetual. I use palette knife that helps me express movement, anger and love culminating in one piece. It is a gratifying feeling once the painting is done — I exhale, feel hungry, happy, but totally exhausted mentally. The feeling of accomplishment fills me up: "all the hard work hasn’t been wasted — I can paint, I can do this well!"

The sound of rain hitting the cobble stones, a taxi’s tires splashing in puddles, street noise, people’s voices, car horns—all excite me to no end. Often, I not only use my brush to capture the essence of a city, but a palette knife to express my own energy, which ultimately becomes part of the canvas. When I paint, I re-live the experience of the city—it’s lighting, sounds, and vibrations. I have experienced many different cities. In my youth, I was surrounded by the most beautiful architecture of the XVIII–XIX centuries, the ”Venice of the North”–St.Petersburg, Russia. That was my first love. Later came Vienna, Paris, Boston, New York, ... I walk around a city and sketch. Often I am drawn to an alluring alleyway verses a pompous street or palace. My visual memory is acute, and I have the ability to imprint the mood of the city at the time of the sketch, along with the colors, the weather, the lighting, and the energy of the street. Even years later I can look at any of my sketches and remember the street, the city, and what kind of day it was. I must develop an intimate relationship with a city before I am able to paint it.

I am thrilled that you are part of me, my process and my ever evolving emotional sensitive being, and it gives me an unbelievable joy to share it with you all. Enjoy your adventure with me and come back often to learn more about me with the latest creations.

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